Monday, December 17, 2018

Learning to Keyboard on Chrome Books

Our students have started the Program called Keyboarding Without Tears in the computer lab.  They will learn by practicing several times a week where all the keys on the keyboard are located as well as using symbols and the track pad.  It is a fun Program that goes from K-5 and teaches students where the home row is located and how to use all fingers to type!

Reader's Theatre with Ms Packer's Class

Our class has joined Ms Packer's Class to practice several leveled Reader Theaters!  These plays have
 wonderful scenery that the children have created together.  The children are re-reading their lines/scripts to increase fluency and build expression while reading out loud.  We are also encouraging students to make eye contact while reading and to match facial expressions with feelings from the play.  It is a great experience for the classes!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Research on Jellyfish

The children in Room 208 have been reading in their Journeys Book and on Britannica (using the Chrome Books) about JELLYFISH.  Today they worked in cooperative partnerships to use Britannica and locate FIVE or more facts about Jellyfish.  It was a wonderful experience as the kids shared articles, videos and captions about these amazing invertebrates.
The kids wrote 5+ facts about these creatures on paper and then added their personal touches!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving Now and Then

The children listened to The First Thanksgiving story together and then watched a short BrainPop Jr Video (thanks to the PTA) to learn about the history of Thanksgiving!  Then each child created a T-chart to compare the holiday back then to the holiday now!
Here are some of our ideas...

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Math Number Talk: Mrs Rousseau

This week, the children in Room 208 were treated with a Number Talk by the Math Specialist, Mrs. Stephanie Rousseau.  She presented a math equation to the kids and we used mental math to share strategies in solving it. 

Some of the discussed strategies included:
using a ten frame
looking at a tool such as a number grid or number line
making a group of ten
counting up or down
drawing pictures and 
number bonds.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Community Meeting Today

Today our school mascot, Shakey, came to the Community Meeting at Shaker Lane!  It was quite the treat as he was carrying a hat and gloves to share for the Hat, Mitten, Coat Drive here at school.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Blends: "H" Brothers

We have been learning all about syllables in second grade and how to break words into smaller parts for more precise encoding.  This past week we were learning about BLENDS and the "H" brothers are a fun way to remember the associated blends.

The children are learning that "a syllable is a word or a part of a word with one, I mean one, talking vowel."  They are practicing putting their hand under their chins to feel the syllables as their chin drops.  Once they know the number of syllables, they can spell each syllable by breaking it into individual sounds. Ask your child to show you how to count syllables and isolate sounds!